And the Church Bells Rang in Egypt

—- By: Alexandra Kinias — For the first time ever, church bells rang at sunset to announce it was time for Egyptians to break their Ramadan fasting. The tolls of the bells blended with the melodious pray calls echoing in the skies of Egypt. It was an emotional moment rarely experienced; with hearts swelled with joy and eyes filled with tears, millions of Egyptians, of both faiths, from all walks of life, sat side by side in the streets to share their Iftar [breaking the fast] meal. Christians had fasted too in solidarity with millions of Muslims who marched on … Continue reading And the Church Bells Rang in Egypt

Egypt and The Big Bad Wolf

— By Alexandra Kinias —- Feeling betrayed by the president they voted for a year earlier, millions of Egyptians marched on the streets of Cairo and main cities across Egypt on June 30th, on the first anniversary of President Morsi in office, demanding his resignation. The swarms of demonstrators were described as the biggest in the history of mankind. This uprising by the Egyptian people against this theocratic tyrant was undermined, misrepresented and mislabeled by the western media. Instead of exposing the true image of Morsi’s regime that was ready to devour the country, they stood in full support of … Continue reading Egypt and The Big Bad Wolf

The Exodus

Original article appeared in Kalimat Magazine By: Alexandra Kinias For more than half a century, stories about the injustices done to the Egyptian Jews were concealed from the public. Fabrication. That’s probably the word that best describes the news that has been fed to Egyptians over the decades to make them believe that the Jews voluntarily left the country. The facts were twisted and the victims were portrayed as enemies and perpetrators. Since history can be distorted, but never altered, the truth eventually began to surface, especially when the children of those who were expelled began asking for compensations for … Continue reading The Exodus

Is it time for lslamic Reformation?

By: Alexandra Kinias With the exposure of Political Islam’s ugly face, Egyptians became less reluctant to criticize the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and ideology [MB]. They no longer find it shameful or blasphemous to acknowledge that Islamists not only don’t they not represent Islam, but they also have hijacked, manipulated, misinterpreted and misrepresented their religion for their own gain. The malicious plans of the Brotherhood-ization of Egypt were aborted when more than 30 million people defiantly took the streets on June 30th to reclaim the country back from the hands of the terrorists disguised in Islamic garbs. The … Continue reading Is it time for lslamic Reformation?

Can a Pan Arab State really materialize?

Arabism or Arab Nationalism is an ideology that was proposed at the beginning of the twentieth century by several Arab thinkers and leaders, with the objective to unite Arab countries in one single nation that speaks the same language, to stand against the West. However, until the mid of the twentieth century, Egyptian nationalism was the ideology that dominated the political arena in the lands of the Pharaohs. It was not until the rise of Nasser to power after the 1952 coup d’état that Arab nationalism or the formation of a Pan- Arab State became a project in progress that … Continue reading Can a Pan Arab State really materialize?