Is it time for lslamic Reformation?

By: Alexandra Kinias

With the exposure of Political Islam’s ugly face, Egyptians became less reluctant to criticize the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and ideology [MB]. They no longer find it shameful or blasphemous to acknowledge that Islamists not only don’t they not represent Islam, but they also have hijacked, manipulated, misinterpreted and misrepresented their religion for their own gain.

The malicious plans of the Brotherhood-ization of Egypt were aborted when more than 30 million people defiantly took the streets on June 30th to reclaim the country back from the hands of the terrorists disguised in Islamic garbs. The vast majority of Egyptians do not believe in the alien rigorous doctrine imported from behind the dunes of the Arabian Sahara and which the MB forcefully tried to impose on them.

With the escalation of events in the days that followed the uprising, Egyptian Muslims are waking up to the realization that Political Islam is the real enemy of their religion. The violence, barbarism and savagery that took place in Egypt in the last few days in the name of religion was unprecedented. This war against Egyptians is fought by MB brainwashed followers to impose their brand of religion on the people.

With this chapter almost ready to be closed, the grounds have never been as fertile to sow the seeds of Islamic Reformation. It was no secret that Islamists used veiling of women as a symbol of Political Islam. Veiling is their Islamo-meter, which they use to monitor their influence and infiltration into the Egyptian society and around the world.

Given that, the voluntarily removal of the veil, which found its way on the heads of women after being brainwashed into believing that it is an Islamic obligation, will be the sign that they are truly losing ground.

Let us hope that the Age of Enlightenment has begun.


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  1. LT

    In a sense, it would have been great if the change would have taken place without the intervention of the army. On the other hand, there is no way that the MB would have surrendered power in peace as this would have run against the very core of their ideology. What a mess

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