Egypt and The Big Bad Wolf

— By Alexandra Kinias —-

Feeling betrayed by the president they voted for a year earlier, millions of Egyptians marched on the streets of Cairo and main cities across Egypt on June 30th, on the first anniversary of President Morsi in office, demanding his resignation. The swarms of demonstrators were described as the biggest in the history of mankind. This uprising by the Egyptian people against this theocratic tyrant was undermined, misrepresented and mislabeled by the western media. Instead of exposing the true image of Morsi’s regime that was ready to devour the country, they stood in full support of the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] against the people of Egypt.

It was shocking to see how the western media intentionally or deliberately dropped the ball on this historical event. And their obvious bias towards the ruling party of Egypt, in the days that followed, was shameful. They not only lost their credibility, but their dishonest reporting and perpetual support of the Islamic regime was perplexing to Egyptians. Lies and fabrication of news are the norm of Al Jazeera channel that had lost its objectivity long time ago by sealing its loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood. But Egyptians did not expect western ‘reputable’ news agencies to follow in the same pathetic path of cheap reporting. Whatever their motives were, they all achieved nothing but inflaming the wrath of Egyptians, as their reporters discredited their honorable revolt as a military coup.

The resilience and defiance of the Egyptian people was put in doubt by reporters, some of whom had been residing in Egypt for many years. Even as someone who hardly believes in conspiracy theories, I started questioning their motives. They could not have been ignorant or oblivious about what’s going on, and their integrity came in question. They should have known better than to portray the Egyptian people and the Egyptian army as the aggressor and the terrorists as the victims. Any first-year journalism student would have told them that it is unethical to report fake news and certainly not from a single perspective. Unless reporters and political analysts have been sleeping throughout Morsi’s year in power, there is no excuse for their denial or confusion about what was going on. And it is imperative to set the record straight.

1. Morsi came to power at a time when Egypt was at cross roads. A nation divided; healing from a revolution that took many lives and left people with uncertainties and confusion. He launched a presidential campaign that, a year later, could only be described as a campaign of lies and deception. A large section of Egyptians perceived him as the lesser of two evils and went out of their way to vote for him hoping to end the division and polarization of Egyptians in the aftermath of Mubarak’s fall, and to move the country forward. Egyptians had underestimated the evilness of the MB organization. Morsi in power demonstrated that he was not the president of all Egyptians, but of his own people. Egyptians felt betrayed and deceived. The country was polarized. And as he took Egypt and Egyptians on a slide toward a dark hole, the future looked bleaker than ever.

2. The failure in managing the country created daily crises for Egyptians. For the entire year, people suffered from continuous power and water outages, gas shortages, and price increases in all essential commodities from fuel to bread. The tourism industry died, the stock market lost a third of its value, the Egyptian pound lost 30% of its value against the US$, the rate of unemployment soared and the economy plummeted. MB sympathizers including the western media pointed fingers at the remnants of the Mubarak regime [Foloul] and the opposition and accused them of creating these crises to undermine Morsi. A lame excuse from the government to cover up its failures and ineffectiveness. One of the major setbacks in Morsi’s government was appointing worthless members of the MB organization in key positions, whose only merits were their blind loyalty to the organization rather than their experience or knowledge. It was only a matter of time before the country’s institutions collapsed.

It is important to understand the danger of Morsi’s decisions made during his year in power to comprehend how Egypt would have been dragged towards a doomed future, had his plans not been interpreted by Egyptians, who stood up against his regime to reclaim their homeland back from the fascist terrorist organization that hijacked it.

The MB came to power with the agenda to brotherhoodize Egypt, as a first step to take control over the Middle East. This objective had been sugarcoated and millions who did not fully grasp its graveness, were deceived by it, just like Red Riding Hood being deceived by the Big Bad Wolf sitting in her granny’s bed and wearing her cape. After their reign, the motives became clearer. But at the end, the Bad Wolf snarled exposing his ugly jaws. The MB didn’t waste time in dismantling the country’s civil institutions and replacing them with radicalized members who would carry out their plans.

Maybe the western media that was glorifying Morsi after he was ousted, as being the first democratically elected president, should watch a slideshow of one year in office to acknowledge his failure:

1. In his acceptance speech, moments after he was sworn in to office, Morsi urged the United States to release Omar Abel Rahman, the mastermind behind the World Trade Center attack in 1997. And in the months that followed, the Egyptian jail cells were emptied from all the terrorists, who were pardoned by an executive order, and the same jail cells were filled by thousands of young activists who opposed Morsi’s government. Among those who were released were the convicts behind the former president Sadat assassination. And it is notable to mention that these terrorists were invited to attend various official State events.

2. Morsi issued a presidential decree that gave him the power to control the three branches of the government; executive, judiciary and legislative. And in an amendment to that dictatorial decree, these powers would not be disputed in a court of law. Subsequently, he dissolved the Supreme Court, fired the Prosecutor General and replaced him with a MB member.

3. The constitutional committee that was selected to draft the new constitution was exclusive to members of Islamist groups and they included a clause that gave them absolute power to transcend Egypt towards an Islamic State, with no tolerance for women and minorities. And in a referendum that was not supervised by the judicial branch, the constitution passed and was approved by the president.

4. In total denial and disregard to the anger and frustration of the Egyptians, Morsi invites the leaders of various terrorists groups in a mass rally at the Cairo Stadium, and in a televised speech, he announced cutting relations with Syria, and declared Jihad against it and invited all who are willing to answer the call for Jihad to join.

5. The last nail in Morsi’s coffin was appointing the terrorist responsible for the 1997 Luxor massacre as a governor of this ancient historical city. Not only that, but he also appointed 17 Muslim Brotherhood members as governors to major governorates throughout the country.

The west has been introduced to the word Sharia, the Islamic law, and as it was explained, it is ferociously attacked in fear of its implementation in the western societies. Ironically, the same news channels that attack it, are defending the Islamist regime in Egypt that persist on forcefully implementing it on its people. And while doing so, the same news channels are turning a blind eye on the ties between the MB organization and Hamas, or that Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s number one man, had joined the MB at the age of 14.

The arrogance, distrust, ignorance, misguidance and delusions of the MB have blinded them from seeing who the Egyptian people are. Egyptians don’t need guidance to observe or practice their religion. They don’t need Islam to be enforced upon them. Egyptians have always been religious people and Islam had been integrated in the Egyptian society for more than fourteen centuries before the birth of the MB organization.

In exasperation, Egyptians took the streets on June 30 to topple Morsi not because they are against Islam, but because their country was in distress and their freedoms were at stake. They took it upon themselves to save their country from the hands of her kidnappers and to free themselves from the rule of a ruthless theocratic regime that would have kept them under siege. When Egyptians revolted to reclaim their country back, they requested protection of their armed forces from a home grown internal enemy that threatened not just their existence, but also their identity. As the momentum of events escalated in the streets, the army’s intervention became inevitable. And that’s what the western media stubbornly failed to see and insisted on labeling the Egyptian revolution a military coup.

No one remembers if the term “military coup” was used when Mubarak was ousted less than two years ago, and for a good reason; it was never used. But since Western media’s bias toward the MB is undeniable, they chose to use it to describe the June 30th revolution; shamelessly broadcast lies and fake news worldwide and despicably attacked the Egyptian armed forces.

Egyptians are already moving on. An interim government was appointed. There is no more time to waste. They have in their hands a country that is almost in ruins to build. They don’t care anymore if the west labels their revolution a military coup or an Easter bunny. All they care for is that they have freed their country from the claws of the Big Bad Wolf, and their hopes for a better future are already painting smiles on their faces. The nightmare is over.

The western media has a lot of fences to mend. Egyptians are kind hearted people. They will eventually forgive them, but they will never forget on whose side they stood. Hopefully they have learned their lesson; don’t mess with Egyptians.

56 thoughts on “Egypt and The Big Bad Wolf

  1. Great article ! Thank you for staying true to the values of journalism ! I just need to highlight few additional facts that adds to excellent overview of the second wave of Jan 25 2011 revolution: 1- on our national day and in the annual celebration of our 6th October victory which overlaps with the assassination of Our great president Sadat Morsy has invited his assassins as guests of honors to the event ! 2- Residencies and citizenship unconditionally granted to Hamass and Palestinians as well as the sale of our land in Sinai to them and that was stopped by general Sisi for national security reasons 3- pardon of morsi to terrorists facing life sentence and appointment of one of the suspects of massacre of Luxor as governor of Luxor few weeks before the # tamarod June 30th demonstrations that we have been planning for months 3- the demonstrations and revolution were based on a campaign whereby 20 million Egyptian – entire voting population- have signed with ID numbers to impeach morsi in light of lack of parliament and have authorized the army to secure our move 4- morsi have been threatening protesters with blood if they insist on demonstrating against him 5- morsi have attended in Ethiopia an inauguration of renaissance dam that will cut the Nile/ water supply from Egypt 6- fuel shortage causing electricity cut was due to the cut of our ressources to supply them to Hamass as per the discovery of tunnels and wells directed to Ghaza and that Morsi prevented general Sisi from stopping ascwell as fighting terrorism in Sinai 6- morsi was selling out to Qatar our Suez qanal rights of management as well as monuments !! after he made sure to have destroyed tourism and depleted our economy ! 7- the army and police aligned to protect the demonstrators and stop the chaos as 33 million Egyptians marched to topple Morsi

  2. thank you for an excellent article – especially for those who have not actually lived these events.
    and yes …. you are right …. “don’t mess with Egyptians”.

  3. Wow, this is definitely one of the most brilliant pieces I’ve read about Egypt recently.
    Only I’m not sure, like you, that the Egyptian nightmare is over.
    My greetings and respect.

      1. Excellent. I always said to the people called to congratulated me, not yet. It will be over when it is over. yours and Lamia’s article summarized what happened and still happening in Egypt. I am really surprised that some of his supporters defending him, and call the June 30 Egyptians are the aggressive ones. None of them could explain to me what Morsy meant, or his aim of all what he did in the last year. Mainly as in yours and Lamia’s

  4. To the point, clear and honest observation and analysis of how millions of Egyptians really feel… Well done

  5. You actually saw it….the 33 million’ powered “candle”.
    For the first time; I relied totally on local media. And they did a wonderful job in informing us, about what is really going on.
    Well balanced article.

  6. you really have a clear and deep vision to see the Egyptian case the way you did >>>MB are the only sector who can not understand what they were doing to distort &ruin Egypt the way they did & so quickly as they expedite getting control over everything .

    1. Adel, the MB knew exactly what they were doing .. which of course is worse .. because that is what makes them traitors … not just (un)religious fools!!!

  7. of course nightmare is not over, but that only proves what the author is saying: Egyptians are fighting a terrorist world-wide organization

  8. Excellent analysis of the rebellion movement. The Obama administration’s bias is so blatantly biased that they really were unconcerned for the interests of the common people in Egypt. They had a sinister self serving agenda that they were pushing hard to implement at the expense of the Egyptian people. While Egyptians have a great deal of love for America yet they hate Anne Patterson Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama and John Kerry with a passion. I wish they would stop meddling.

  9. I personally think that the MB’s principal shortcoming was that, while the streets were in a state of permanent chaos, foreign currency reserves went from low to lower and the country teetered on the brink of famine, they made it clear that their vision was tunneled towards changing the structure of what remains of middle class Egyptian society from southern Mediterranean to something else, something alien, albeit Hijazi Wahabbi or whatever they have in their sick minds.

    The Egyptian people could not afford to sit still for 3 more years and wait for Morsi to finish his term. That would have been irresponsible.

  10. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me
    While I agree with the author’s erudite expose, one must recall that this is not the first time the Egyptians, and other weakened peoples were fooled, coerced, abused by the Western democracies as well as their media. Impartial reporting in the media these days is as rare as honesty in politics. I am equally censorious and condemning of the so-called free media’s duplicity as the author, but I do not absolve the Egyptian People of timidity and misplaced forbearance of their corrupt leaders for more than six decades. This fledgling democracy must decide its future by reconciliation rather than by polarization. Saba E. Demian, M.D.

  11. Thank you for this brilliant analysis.As a foreign expat who lived in Egypt for the last
    25 years,it has deeply saddened me to see this beautiful country come to the brink
    of its economic,social and moral collapse.The Egyptians deserve better,I feel very
    sorry for them and hope that all her reasonable citizens will succeed in building a good life
    for all,with justice,freedom of speech and personal rights for everyone to prosper.
    Tyrants and fanatics belong to the dustbin of history and Egypt shall rise like a phoenix from the ashes,that’s my personal view I believe in.Bless the Egyptians and
    their brave revolution and long live our beloved Egypt!!!

  12. There is still a lot to be known about the acts of high treason that the MB’s committed even before they came to power. And when these are revealed, it will be their end and probably the end of all parties which mix politics and religion. As Morsi so eloquently says, politics and religion don’t mix!

  13. Alexandra … chapeau!! absolutely the best I have read yet … thank you … and though I agree that it was a nightmare … I have been optimistic since January 25th 2011, that the Egyptian people have finally lost their fear and will be pursuing the path to pulling their beloved country out of decades of tyranny, corruption, exploitation and misery … hopefully without reverting to any of the previous groups .. new fresh beginnings by one of the most ancient civilizations


  15. I’m really astonished by the amount of
    misinformation in this article !!

    The most obvious one is this:
    “5. The last nail in Morsi’s coffin was appointing the terrorist responsible for the 1997 Luxor massacre as a governor of this ancient historical city.”

    please go back and research and try to read the news with a critical eye and don’t believe everything you read.

  16. Morsi was not a good president and he did tons of mistakes, but he remains an elected president that should be removed through a democratic process and not a military coup.

    And by the way, Egypt and Egyptians are not already moving on… there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in the streets everyday since the coup, protesting and demanding the return of the elected president.

    I’m not sure if you are a supporter of Mubarak or not, but I’m sure you noticed the return of many of the faces of his regime including corrupt people who were appointed in the interim government!!!

    The fact that Morsi was a bad president does not mean that we accept the death of the democratic process. I have many friends who said they won’t participate in any elections in the future because of what happened (what is the point … at the end the one with the gun will decide….)

    1. I love it when people like you living in Canada and the US start expressing their opinion about what how people in Egypt should react to the political situation from the comfort of their North American homes. Instead of preaching from across the ocean, why didn’t you join them on the ground to enjoy the era of elected president.

      1. I would not glorify this writer with an answer. His allegiance is clear. As far as those of us in the US & Canada, most of us do not preach our fellow compatriots. We feel their pain, we support them, pray with them and spend our free time glued to our computers and our phones to get their news. The democratic elections he talks about we’re won by threatening entire villages of Christian Copts from voting and by, openly, exchanging the votes of the illeterates for cooking oil and sugar rations. Exactly like houligans you see in the street now, they are paid 500 EP a head!

    2. abdulrahman .. why don’t you clear your head and rethink the propaganda that you have been fed from the MB!!! it is scary when illiterates think like that, but it is horrifying when intelligent educated people like you start becoming the mouthpiece of a well established political Islam organization .. you seem to think you are the only one who can speak for Egypt and Egyptians? I have news for you … you are not!!

      I am sure Alexandra is not a supporter of Mubarak … and of course neither is anyone who came out FOR THE SECOND TIME in millions to clean up Egypt’s act … enough of this rhetoric …. it isn’t an either or game …

      obviously an interim government needs people who are experts in their fields and could get to work immediately without having to waste time getting orientation … that is what we call ‘smart’ … because my friend … we are all EGYPTIAN in the first place … so stop the divisiveness … and start loving your country more than the cult MB and their stooge Morsi who WAS NOT DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED … we all know that, only you believe those lies!

    3. I read one of the most brilliant responses concerning this point of view. It was expressed by a common Egyptian in a blog in Arabic in response to this same sentiment about the democratic process needing to run its course for the remaining three years. I translate: “Suppose you bought a can of “FOUL” (Fava Beans, a common Egyptian staple meal) marked with a four year expiry date, and when opened it you found that it was rotten through and through. Now tell me will you still eat it in order to honour the manufacturer’s guarantee?

  17. I am Egyptian, I couldn’t have described it any better…. And OMG, “the lesser of two evils” are the exact words I used to use.
    Thank you for understanding Egyptians!

  18. Very good writer, but as usual … Far from the truth, far from being fair…
    Good job and keep your lies up

  19. A real master piece and a must read for those who really want to understand the current situation in Egypt. As one of those millions who marched on June 30th, I confirm what you said that the motive was to protect an endangered identity in the first place. Yes don’t mess with Egyptians but I disagree that they are still kind hearted … At least not for now.

  20. A new Aeon is coming forth for Egypt… I find little to disagree with…

    Morsi was a puppet like the Ptolemaic pharaohs… beware of Western intervention and “Greeks bearing gifts.”

  21. If you are telling the truth, what is your opinion of a million people now in all squares and Cities of Egypt
    And if you are telling the truth and that what happened on June 30 is a revolution ,so allow me to tell that revolutions only happened against repressive Political system that people dose not have any channels to express their opinion freely
    And that what happens on the great revolution of January
    because that great revolution happened against Political system does not have any sense of democracy
    system practiced oppression against it’s people
    Mohamed Morsi is a legitimate elected president was the result of free and fair elections
    if i supposed with you that Egypt has 100 million people and 50 million are rejected Mohamed Morsy
    so there is 50 other million are not rejecting him
    so the only way to resolve the matter is to go to the ballot boxes
    The question of counting people in the streets and squares is a matter of irrational and unacceptable
    Because it is biased in favor of one party only and ignore the other party

    1. Dalia, do you math, just because the MB and Morsi have been exposed for too many things to list here, starting from the fact that they were rigged elections, and that Morsi … by a very slim edge and by a cruel joke of fate found himself president and wrongly thought he inherited the most ancient civilization in the world … with all that’s on it … failed to do ANYTHING good for this beloved country … took instructions from the Murshid … who was not elected (democratically or otherwise) .. but back to the math … the 50% you are bragging about are mostly children and youth under age to vote … you (MB and Morsi supporters) are a mere spit in the pan at 1.5 million!!!!

    2. Dalia, that is the reason why Tamarod (and everyone else except the F&J party and the MB) were BEGGING Morsi to hold anticipated (early) elections. Or even a referendum, or ANYTHNG .. He refused, no?

      1. Dalia,
        as a Muslim, and a very good one too … I tell you the MB is a cult … hope you know what cult means … in true Islam the relationship is direct between the Muslim and his creator -no intermediaries, no murshid to herd us around, no imam or scholar to think for us .. on judgement day I, and I alone will be accountable for my deeds AND intentions … NEVER for my affiliations … no true Muslim hates, kills, or betrays his own country … just because they used ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ as their name does not make them Muslim!!!! wake up, you have been brainwashed … go read your quran and THINK!!!

  22. Ms Alexandra:
    I cannot find words good enough to thank you for this truthful and brilliant documentary about my beloved country Egypt. I live in the US and, together with all Egyptians, it will take us a long time before we forgive President Obama, his Ambassador in Egypt Anne Patterson and all those who supported evil against our peaceful & generous people. We will certainly not forget.
    Your prose uncovered the bias and shortsightedness of the present American administration and the western press. To put in brief Obama is sending the brave Americans to die in Afghanistan at the hands of the terrorists he is supporting and financing in Egypt & the Middle East.
    Hats off to you and your likes. Please accept the sincere expression of our gratitude.

  23. It’s a great article Alex.. I love the message it gives to the West.. Let’s just hope one day they wake up to the fact that we don’t care anymore about what others say… It is our country and we are determined to rebuild it… Chapeau for us … The Egyptians…

  24. Thank you Alex for a complete article. Few words to add, Morsi was implementing the MBs agenda (an agenda totally against the National agenda) and it was clear to everyone that the unity of Egypt is becoming in jeopardy. For those talking about ballots and boxes, these are just tools to express the People’s choice, the goal is Good Governance (by the way, countries implementing good governance principles, do not mix religion with politics). Mixing politics with religion and pushing innocent people to confront the Police and Armed Forces and their fellow citizens,just to negotiate your political future, is a crime. Day after day, we know better how MBs have overridden Jan 25th revolution, who was (and still) supports them, the role of the US, and the complete ‘new’ map for the region. What Egyptians did demolished all their plans, and what the MB is doing right now destroyed their credibility in the society. Finally, please read the history of the MB and how they perceive our society and their understanding of the Nation, the State, and governance. We are fundamentally in opposite directions.

  25. Excellent analysis, there is no impeachment clause in Egyptian constitution hence it fell to the People to act . Bravo to them

  26. Very accurate analysis. You’ve tackled the main issues, so, if by any chance you’ve been misinformed by unimportant detail, don’t give a sh…Thanks for having the trouble of getting your words to the world.

  27. One of the best article… if not the BEST I have been through on the subject. Keep it this way. The whole world need to know the truth.

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