To Veil Or Not To Veil

Caption:   The first Egyptian women’s study mission, departing for England in 1926 By: Alexandra Kinias The deplorable situation of women in Egypt at the turn of the twentieth century was accepted as the status quo for most people, but not for women’s rights advocate Qassim Amin who exhausted tremendous efforts for their emancipation. In his two books: Liberation of Women and and The Free Woman he addressed the practices that kept women subservient. The books sparked fierce controversy and came under attack, but his endeavors not only fell on deaf ears, but were also resisted by decision makers and religious … Continue reading To Veil Or Not To Veil

What it means to be a man.

By: Alexandra Kinias Based on my personal observations — that were neither supported by scientific research nor surveys’ labs, for which I guarantee that no animal testing has been performed in the process — I have noticed that an extra shot of testosterone is pumped into the brains of the male species in the Middle East whenever the issue of women rights is discussed. Magically, this testosteronal shot that flows on invisible waves transmitted by telepathy from one brain to the other results into an incomprehensible unity of thought with a purpose of discrediting the subject. Yesterday’s foes forget their … Continue reading What it means to be a man.

Taliban executes a pregnant woman accused of adultry

Sanam Gul, also known as Sanam Bibi was executed by the Taliban in a western province of Afghanistan. The 47 years old pregnant woman who was accused of adultery was killed on Saturday, August 7,2010  by three bullets to the head and chest after she was flogged 200 times. A Taliban commander carried out the execution based on the orders of the district governor and  judge. Her body was later dumped in an area under their control. News reported that the man who was involved with her was not punished as he managed to flee from the village before he … Continue reading Taliban executes a pregnant woman accused of adultry

Return of the Harem

By: Alexandra Kinias Walking down the hallways of the opulent Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul was an intriguing experience. The lavish interior of the Ottoman Sultan’s residence was immensely admired by the visitors who listened to the tour guide’s explanation about the lack of historical references to prove the claims about the Sultan’s Harem. According to him they were legends woven by the fertile imagination of writers and poets. He went on with his defense as far as redefining concubines as women of services to the court rather than the Sultan’s mistresses, as the world came to believe. As a believer … Continue reading Return of the Harem

British couple gunned down in Pakistan in suspected honor killing after calling off marriage.

Original article on Daily Mail A British couple who flew to Pakistan to settle a row over their daughter’s arranged marriage have been shot dead in a suspected ‘honour killing’. The spurned groom is thought to have gunned down Gul Wazir and wife Bagum alongside their son who had also travelled to the remote Nowshera province, one of the areas devastated by the flooding in the country. The son survived the attack and is in a stable condition in hospital. It was reported the gunman was a nephew of the couple, and was named locally as Rehman Wazir. He had … Continue reading British couple gunned down in Pakistan in suspected honor killing after calling off marriage.