Taliban executes a pregnant woman accused of adultry

Sanam Gul, also known as Sanam Bibi was executed by the Taliban in a western province of Afghanistan. The 47 years old pregnant woman who was accused of adultery was killed on Saturday, August 7,2010  by three bullets to the head and chest after she was flogged 200 times. A Taliban commander carried out the execution based on the orders of the district governor and  judge. Her body was later dumped in an area under their control. News reported that the man who was involved with her was not punished as he managed to flee from the village before he got caught.

The tragic execution of Sanam Bibi brings back to memory the gruesome rulings of the Taliban justice. It is another reminder of the fate of the Afghani women if this brutal regime comes back to power.

CNN edition

Caption is not related to incident  — Shared from website of RAWA Organization: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.


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One response to “Taliban executes a pregnant woman accused of adultry

  1. rachel gerrard

    Yet again this behavior of the Taliban is forbidden in Sunni Islam. As a Muslim, I agree that the Taliban must not be in power!

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