The Niqab and the Islamization of Europe

By: Alexandra Kinias European countries finally woke up from the bad dream that the Bedouin culture, represented in the niqab (face veil), is methodically growing within their societies. Parliament members met, laws were drafted and quick actions were taken to stop this growth, or at least to slow it down before the jinni escapes from inside the magic lamp and transforms the bad dream into an uncontrollable nightmare. Belgium was the first country that issued a ban on the niqab and France followed in its footsteps. Bills banning it are being prepared to be introduced in the parliaments of the … Continue reading The Niqab and the Islamization of Europe

Qasim Amin and the Liberation of Women

By: Alexandra Kinias The emancipation of Egyptian women began in the nineteenth century under the rule of Mohamed Ali (1766- 1849), when the first school to train women to be medical assistants was opened in 1832.  Forty years later, in 1873, the first government primary school was opened to the public.  However, the real breakthrough for Egyptian women happened by  Mohamed Ali’s decedents. The policy reform which his decedents adopted included sending several intellectuals to France to be educated in key leadership positions in the government. Qassim Amin (1863 – 1908),  at the age of nineteen, and after he graduated … Continue reading Qasim Amin and the Liberation of Women

He killed his Wife for Being Pregnant With a Baby Girl

By: Alexandra Kinias A Palestinian man in the West Bank was arrested  on May 13  for killing his 27 years old pregnant wife.  He chocked her to death after the ultra sound results showed that she was pregnant with a baby girl.  The couple already had three boys and a girl.  And the husband who apparently was ignorant that the man’s sperm decided the gender of the fetus,  admitted that he was jealous of his brother who had nine sons. “According to police, abrasions were found on the man’s body, indicating that the wife struggled as he was choking her … Continue reading He killed his Wife for Being Pregnant With a Baby Girl

Hymenorophy: Certificate of Innocence

By: Alexandra Kinias Twenty four years old Radwa had just graduated from college and hired as an art teacher in a private school in Cairo. For Radwa it was very important to restore her virginity before she got married to the man who proposed to her through a family friend.  She desperately needed a Hymonorophy a.k.a Hymenoplasty to re-connect the tissue of the hymen, but couldn’t afford to pay for this procedure that takes about 30 minutes under local anesthetic from her small salary. Radwa’s  lover of four years, whom she had a sexual relation with but wouldn’t marry her … Continue reading Hymenorophy: Certificate of Innocence