The “V” Word

By: Alexandra Kinias When I first read that some Egyptian men are calling for the government to issue certificates of virginity for the brides-to-be prior to marriage I thought it was a joke. Sadly enough it was not. After reading few articles that addressed the issue, I slid into a brief moment of disbelief, which was replaced by shock and anger at the degrading situation that women must survive in. For any westerner, it might be hard to comprehend that in this time and age still exists a species of men who seek their government’s intervention to guarantee the virginity … Continue reading The “V” Word

Hymenorophy: Certificate of Innocence

By: Alexandra Kinias Twenty four years old Radwa had just graduated from college and hired as an art teacher in a private school in Cairo. For Radwa it was very important to restore her virginity before she got married to the man who proposed to her through a family friend.  She desperately needed a Hymonorophy a.k.a Hymenoplasty to re-connect the tissue of the hymen, but couldn’t afford to pay for this procedure that takes about 30 minutes under local anesthetic from her small salary. Radwa’s  lover of four years, whom she had a sexual relation with but wouldn’t marry her … Continue reading Hymenorophy: Certificate of Innocence