He killed his Wife for Being Pregnant With a Baby Girl

By: Alexandra Kinias

A Palestinian man in the West Bank was arrested  on May 13  for killing his 27 years old pregnant wife.  He chocked her to death after the ultra sound results showed that she was pregnant with a baby girl.  The couple already had three boys and a girl.  And the husband who apparently was ignorant that the man’s sperm decided the gender of the fetus,  admitted that he was jealous of his brother who had nine sons.

“According to police, abrasions were found on the man’s body, indicating that the wife struggled as he was choking her to death”.

The husband committed this heinous  crime to terminate his wife’s pregnancy because she didn’t comply with his demands of granting him his wish for another son.  It was like she cooked hummus for him instead of shish kebabs.

This horrific news was nothing more than another illustration of  the brutal reality  of how women are still viewed and treated in many parts of the world.  In cultures where females are  believed to be  inferior to males, having a daughter is  considered shameful. Fathers with stone age mentalities still believe that girls bring shame to their families.  They view them as nothing more than a source of disgrace and wouldn’t hesitate  to kill them in a blink of an eye if they felt that their existence would disgrace them.

The first thing that came to my mind after I read about the slain of this woman was  her surviving children.  How would the daughter who had witnessed the killing of her mother, for being pregnant with a baby girl, would feel about her gender?  And what about the message that was given to the three boys?

The woman, according to news reports, had been previously attacked and abused by her husband.  But growing up in a culture where violence against women is the norm and is encouraged by religious scholars, she accepted her fate and became submissive to her abuser.  Even her family knew about it, but no one stood up for her.  There are so much social illness in such cultures that makes it hard whom to blame.  Probably the women in her family are as abused as she was and her male relatives are no different than her husband.

What is more horrific than the crimes committed against women  is how the law deals with them.  Unfortunately, the authorities represented in law makers and police officers  in such cultures view and accept the abusive behaviors against women as normative.

Caption from the blog: The Muslim Women



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5 responses to “He killed his Wife for Being Pregnant With a Baby Girl

  1. This is just crazy. I don’t want to believe that someone would do that, but when you look at the high infanticide rates in countries like China, where baby girls are killed or abandoned when they are born, it’s sadly not surprising to think that a woman could be killed for having a baby girl. I agree with you – what will the little girl think?

  2. Moushka Rahman

    Personally, I would cultivate a healthy suspicion of publications. People do cruel things to each other…people are mentally ill…..the same scenario happened in the US over the past few years.

    This article implies that religion is at the core of his action. Obviously, no one is familiar with one of the main tenants of the Islamic faith passed down by the Prophet himself – no tolerance toward female infanticide. And the Prophet meant 0 tolerance – as it is frequently repeated as an evil sin resulting in damnation. Before the coming of the Prophet the idol worshiping tribes of the region often buried their unwanted female infants alive. This faith put that to an end.
    The Prophet did not have sons – only daughters. he frequently praised them, the enter battle beside their father and conducted his business when he was occupied.
    The man in this article is obviously cruel and deserves severe punishment…..and a copy of the Koran so he can Read about his future in Hell.

    Also writing that the women of the family “…were probably abused…..”. Probably? what kind of journalism is that…extremely inflammatory ……do you read palms to?

  3. Hi Moushka,

    Thanks for visiting the site and commenting on the post.

    My article neither criticized the Profit nor Islam.

    In fact, if you read my articles: History of Veil — Part (1,2&3), you will find that I have written about how the status of women improved tremendously in Arabia after the rise of Islam.

    My article “He killed his wife….” addresses the practices of violence and abuse against women that are carried out today by men, often with the approval and encouragement or religious clerics —- which by the way are people who are misinterpreting Islam for there own benefit.

    Yes, I agree with you that violence against women is practiced in every corner around the globe. However, while in some parts of the world men are held responsible for that, in other parts it is tolerated by the culture.

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