By Alexandra Kinias Article published in Kalimat magazine. Click to view Two years ago Egyptian American director and screenplay writer Hesham Issawi approached me to collaborate in writing a screenplay about a forbidden love affair between a Coptic woman and her Muslim lover. We set gear to work together with the emphasis to expose the hardships the young couple, who lived in the slums of Cairo encountered in their daily lives. The challenges they faced escalated after the girl got pregnant. To salvage their love and have a better future the couple had to leave the country. With Europe as … Continue reading Censored

The Priest’s Wife

By: Alexandra Kinias It is uncommon that the news of a wife’s disappearance after a family dispute, in a small village in Upper Egypt, becomes a headline in  newspapers,  circulates on international websites,  and triggers the intervention of national security forces — unless the woman is a Priest’s wife. The unexplained disappearance of Camellia Shehata Zakher, the 25 years old wife of a Coptic Priest in Upper Egypt, immediately ignited the  rumors of abduction and forced conversion to Islam. After her husband falsely reported her kidnap, he used the powers granted to him by the church to mobilize demonstrations to … Continue reading The Priest’s Wife

Interfaith Is Not For The Faithful

By: Alexandra Kinias Photograph of the twins Mario and Andrew. Religion plays a dominant role in the lives of people  in the Middle East. It not only controls and dominates them, but it also shapes and guides their everyday lives.  In such societies, interfaith marriages, which are discouraged for some and banned for others is becoming an issue of growing sensitivity. It is a symbol of both gender and religious inequality in a society that is living in a hypocritical harmony, while in reality it is enveloped by a cloud of sectarian tension.   In Egypt, an interfaith relationship, when discovered, … Continue reading Interfaith Is Not For The Faithful