Muslim Brotherhood against gender equality in Egypt

Written by: Alexandra Kinias — The rise of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to power exposed their misogynist and chauvinist faces, which they had concealed with masks of modernity for too long, to convince the west that they represent a moderate view of Islam. The fall of these masks left no doubt that the road to resurrect their Islamic empire is paved with the bodies of women, minorities and their opponents. Their last episode of denouncing the UN’s declaration on women’s rights revealed the organization’s true beliefs and principles. Rejecting this declaration that focused on urging an end to violence against women … Continue reading Muslim Brotherhood against gender equality in Egypt

Download Black Tulips for Free

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I invite you to download the Kindle version of Black Tulips for free on any of the five days: March 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 at Black Tulips Kindle Edition. [ available for Kindle and ipad] Black Tulips is the story of four Egyptian women who although they come from very diverse social and economic backgrounds, they face a common adversary–a male dominant society. Sherine Radwan, the first appointed prime minister in Egypt, faces challenges not only from a corrupt cabinet but from her husband as well. Rashida Algammal, Sherine’s housekeeper and confidant, abandoned … Continue reading Download Black Tulips for Free