Muslim Brotherhood against gender equality in Egypt


Written by: Alexandra Kinias —

The rise of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to power exposed their misogynist and chauvinist faces, which they had concealed with masks of modernity for too long, to convince the west that they represent a moderate view of Islam. The fall of these masks left no doubt that the road to resurrect their Islamic empire is paved with the bodies of women, minorities and their opponents.

Their last episode of denouncing the UN’s declaration on women’s rights revealed the organization’s true beliefs and principles. Rejecting this declaration that focused on urging an end to violence against women and girls left the members of the Security Council and women organizations worldwide in disappointment and worry about the fate of the women in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood released a statement on its website,, warned that this declaration will destroy the society, by allowing a woman to travel, work, use contraception without her husband’s approval, and letting her control family spending. They condemned that the declaration would give wives full rights to file legal complaints against husbands accusing them of rape or sexual harassment, obliges authorities to try and punish husbands with verdicts similar to rapists, sex offenders and sexual harassers, gives girls sexual freedom, legalizes abortion,provides teenagers with contraceptives, gives equality to women in marriage and requires men and women to share duties such as child care and chores, allows “equal rights to homosexuals, provides protection and respect for prostitutes and gives equal rights to adulterous wives and illegitimate sons resulting from adulterous relationships.

After eighty years since its formation, the underground cult of the Muslim Brotherhood is finally playing a role in the Egyptian political stage. Their voices that were silenced by the previous regimes are now loud, violent and disturbing. Motivated and driven by a desire to rule the world, and led by the Leader of the organization and their incompetent President, Mohammed Morsi, their fantasies of re-establishing an Islamic Caliphate modeled after a thousand years old Empire are awaken.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a cult that one is either born into or joins as a child; to be easily manipulated and brainwashed. School children are their highest recruits. They look for them in mosques and youth centers. Inside the bubble where they were born, the members of the Muslim Brotherhood grew up to believe that they are God’s custodians of Islam. For eight decades, the walls of ignorance that insulated, sheltered and concealed them from the outside world also protected the masses from their distorted visions.

Within the confinement of these walls, time has stopped. Women are bred to obey their male guardians and men to follow their Leader. They have formed a sub-society within the societies they live in where tolerance to the outsiders is non-existent. They follow their own laws and rules. They have restrictions and reservations against marriage from outside their cult to reassure that kids are born within their “pure” society. Muslim Brotherhood members consider outsiders as roadblocks in their quest to rule the world. And while they are striving to achieve their goal, their misogynist, chauvinist and pervert leaders want to reverse the clock and bring back women to the dark ages.

In the first parliament after the January 2011 revolution, which the Islamists had won the majority of seats, the elected members had took initial steps to drop the age of marriage of girls to sixteen years old and to repeal the ban on FGM. Luckily the parliament was dissolved before these laws were passed. The sad news is that a female member of the parliament was the one who had proposed these changes. This doesn’t come as a surprise since the Muslim Brotherhood had brainwashed the ‘sisters’ within their cult that they are breeding machines and that the gates of heaven are opened to receive those who are obedient to their husbands.

Sheikhs on television and in mosques promote violence against women by advising husbands to punish their wives by beating them up. They also put the blame and burden on women for being raped or sexually harassed. They spread a culture of misogyny and encourage polygamy as a way to get women off the streets; for their own safety and protection, of course.

Theses custodians of virtue are obsessed with women’s control. The UN declaration for equality shook their core values in which a husband must have “guardianship” over his wife, not an equal “partnership” with her. While the IMF and European Union have both voted against the financial aid to Egypt, a country on the verge of economic collapse, these perverts didn’t spend their time discussing a how to pull the country out of the dark abyss, but they were quite vocal in denouncing the UN declarations. Such actions put in perspective the priorities of the ruling party of Egypt.

Egypt proposed an amendment to the UN that would allow countries to avoid implementing the declaration if it clashed with national laws, religious or cultural values. The suggestion was rejected as it would have undermined the entire declaration. In spite of the pressure she was subjected to, politician and diplomat Mervat Tallawy, President of the National Council for Women in Egypt and head of the Egyptian delegation, surprised and delighted the UN Council when she announced that Egypt would join the consensus and vote in favor of the declaration, defying the ruling party’s wishes.

“International solidarity is needed for women’s empowerment to preventing this regressive mood…. It is a global wave of conservatism and repression against women, and this paper is a message that if we can get together, hold power together, we can be a strong wave against this wave….I believe in women’s cause. I don’t take money from the government. I work voluntarily. If they want to kick me out they can. But I will not change my belief in women. Women are the slaves of this age. This is unacceptable, and particularly in our region.” Tallawy said.


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5 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood against gender equality in Egypt

  1. What is happening in Egypt right now is very disturbing. In the Arab World women start waking up and demand to have the same rights than men. I wonder what is wrong in that ? Is a woman not at the same level than a man ? She attends school, university, works to support her family…..Is that not a reason to treat her differently than she is treated now ???
    I remember in my youth when Egypt was multicultural we were going out, using public transport, beaches were crowded with women wearing bathing suits etc…..There was no harassement or anything of the kind. Egypt was FREE. The more there is a cultur where everything is forbidden, the more young people are frustrated and its a kind of time bomb. Lets have some tolerance while teaching our children the base of respect. Teach women how to be more sure of themselves.Give them the right to say HERE I AM GIVE ME THE RIGHTS THAT I DESERVE.
    Nelly Takla / Weiss

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