Rags to Riches

By Alexandra Kinias Egyptian Ghalia Mahmoud’s life was transformed overnight when her fairy godmother sprinkled her with sparkly dust of luck. Ghalia’ s daily cooking show is viewed by millions. A month earlier, the television superstar celebrity was just a housemaid. Ramadan, the holy month of fasting is also considered the peak of television viewing season in Egypt. Commercials generate the highest revenues. Ghalia’s show was launched on the first day of Ramadan, which coincided with the beginning of August and immediately became a hit. It’s not unusual for Egyptian channels to broadcast daily cooking shows during Ramadan, but hers … Continue reading Rags to Riches

Stolen Faces

By: Alexandra Kinias It’s not just the brutality of the acid attacks, the images of the maimed and disfigured faces or the agonizing testimonials of women who survived this heinous crimes that keep me awake at night, but  also the incompetence of the governments to protect women and the negligence to bring  criminals to justice  add more horror to my nightmares. Vitrolage, throwing acid on women’s faces with the sole purpose of deforming them is a common act of terrorism against women practiced all over the world. However, it is notably widespread in South East Asia from Afghanistan to Cambodia. … Continue reading Stolen Faces

Beyond Affairs: Why Men Cheat?

By: Alexandra Kinias Modern technologies and wireless connections are helping women everyday to track down their husbands without leaving the comfort of their living rooms.  My best friend’s earlier suspicions about her husbands’ infidelity came to a closure when she received online credit card statements that included flights to Bangkok, not a destination her husband travels to on business, and the bill of a hotel in the Thai capital. Of course in the Google age she didn’t need a private detective to learn that this hotel offers affordable escort services to its guests. My guess of why an intelligent man … Continue reading Beyond Affairs: Why Men Cheat?