A Tribute to Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow (1995-2008)

By Alexandra Kinias Blogging hasn’t been always an easy ride for me. The process of researching certain topics sometimes becomes an emotionally traumatic experience. The topic of this particular post was very stressful to research and I have been wrestling with it for quite sometime. It had evoked a wave of feelings inside me that ranged between anger, despair, depression and total helplessness. My simple mind still can’t comprehend how a regime that governs according to any law or creed would sentence a thirteen years old girl to death by stoning. Just the thought of the last terrifying moments of … Continue reading A Tribute to Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow (1995-2008)

Daddy Sent His Baby Girl To Jail

By: Alexandra Kinias Samar Badawi, the thirty years old Saudi woman might not be known for most people in the West. She wouldn’t have been known for anyone who lived beyond the sand dunes of Arabia either, had her name not been circulated by human rights organizations. These organizations intervened for her release from jail which she was sent to without trail for disobeying her father. Yes, in Saudi Arabi when a female doesn’t follow her father’s orders, he has the right to send her to jail. Badawi’s case is neither the first nor shall it be the last, but … Continue reading Daddy Sent His Baby Girl To Jail

Was Aisha – Youngest Wife of Prophet Mohamed – Really Nine Years Old?

By: Alexandra Kinias Forcing a woman into marriage is more atrocious than sending an innocent person to jail for life; as some of these women have no chance of parole. What is more outrageous than forcing women into matrimony is forcing minors, as young as eight years old, into marriages. My article “My Deep Condolences for Your Daughter’s Wedding” addressed the issue that minors are forced into marriages in various parts of the world because of cultural and social reasons. However, in some lands such marriages are blessed by religious clerics who licensed this appalling procedure because, according to them, … Continue reading Was Aisha – Youngest Wife of Prophet Mohamed – Really Nine Years Old?

Divorce Laws: Formula For Submission

By: Alexandra Kinias It was not just humiliation that Rana Shemaly felt when she was brutally beaten by her husband and thrown  into the street in the middle of the night after a confrontation over the extra marital relationship he was having. “I was raged.” She told me years later. “At moments I feared that my heart would rupture  from anger. It was the most profound experience I ever encountered in my life. It was worse than mourning my mother’s death. I not only felt disgraced, cheated and demeaned, but the feeling of powerlessness over my destiny was devastating.” With … Continue reading Divorce Laws: Formula For Submission