A Tribute to Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow (1995-2008)

By Alexandra Kinias

Blogging hasn’t been always an easy ride for me. The process of researching certain topics sometimes becomes an emotionally traumatic experience. The topic of this particular post was very stressful to research and I have been wrestling with it for quite sometime. It had evoked a wave of feelings inside me that ranged between anger, despair, depression and total helplessness. My simple mind still can’t comprehend how a regime that governs according to any law or creed would sentence a thirteen years old girl to death by stoning. Just the thought of the last terrifying moments of her life makes my heart cringe. I despise how tied my hands are, how useless can one be. I wonder if I am really helping by spreading awareness to these issues or I have just become a ghost of Don Quixote incapable of nothing but to fight illusionary windmills.

Today marks the second anniversary of Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow’s death. The young girl’s life ended on October 27, 2008, in front of 1000 spectators who crowded the Kismayu stadium in Somalia to watch her stoned to death. Fifty men from al Shabab militia, the radical Islamist group that control this part of the country and have enforced the Islamic Sharia as the law, carried out the brutal act. Aisha was charged with adultery which according to them is a violation of the Islamic law and is punished by death.

Amnesty International though had another story which was told by Aisha’s father. Three months earlier and on her way from the Hagardeer refugee camp in Kenya to the village of Kismayu Aisha was assaulted and raped by three men. When her father reported the rape to the Shabab militia, instead of looking for the rapists, the girl was detained and charged with prostitution.

The court authorities said that the girl came forward, admitted her guilt and asked to be punished according to the Islamic Sharia law. According to eyewitnesses who were on site, the girl who screamed and pled for her life was dragged and forced against her will inside a hole that was dug in the ground, buried up to her neck and then pelted with stones until she died.

The armed militia guarded the sight and shot at anyone who wanted to help the girl. According to amnesty international, nurses were sent during the stoning to check if the girl was still alive. The nurses removed her out of the hole, checked her vital signs and declared that she was still alive.  The executioners returned her back to the hole and resumed stoning her until she was dead.

And of course the three rapists were never found, never arrested and never charged. As always women are solely responsible for being in these lands.

It is very unfortunate that at this time and age, the world is still unable to stop such brutality. Al Shabab militias are not the only ones who should be held accountable for Aisha’s death.  Our silence makes us all partners for allowing such crimes to still take place. We are no better than the 1000 spectators who gathered in the bleachers to watch her die in the name of religion. I can never understand nor accept that such brutality could be carried out in the name of any God. It is a total disgrace how a bunch of imposters were allowed to interpret the Holy Scriptures according their own self serving interests. What is more astounding is how women are always their victims.

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3 thoughts on “A Tribute to Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow (1995-2008)

  1. It makes my blood boils just reading about this poor 13 years old girl Aisha to be stoned to death. Even if she is guilty (which she is not) no religion has the right to condemn a child to this barbaric death.
    I am not sure if the Islamic Sharia Law allows this to happen or it is the wrong interpretation of the law by twisted, misguided subhuman to carryout this barbaric ritual.
    And secondly, the leaders of the Islamic World sitting idel saying nothing and becoming the laughing stock of the world, they are blind and defe?. The sad irony they are powerful and holding the rest of the world to ransom and the sad part the western world is trying to be politically correct and that is silly.

    Alexandra, I admire your guts and your ability to write about humanity issues concerning women, God bless you and keep safe.

  2. so sad for that girl.her onlycrime,born in a wrong country. ! ! muslims are always violent people.
    When ever i hear a arab pray or muslim song it remaind s me of the grusome beheading and excecution that circulats in internet. I wonder y quran dont teaches some thing like forgiveness and kindness atleast to own .
    If u see werevr part of the world islamic militia people r involved in a nevr endng violent activiti s,chechnia irak palestine somalia pakistan iran … Is Killing a patient wil clear the desease ?
    I belive no human is full perfect to judge other.a religious clerek punnishes a 13 yr old in somalia is people like them is that sure they never done any wrong thing by themself,thats imposible for human.its not just a random incident in a corner of world.many countries are still following thes shariath law[eye for an eye.

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