Interfaith Is Not For The Faithful

By: Alexandra Kinias Photograph of the twins Mario and Andrew. Religion plays a dominant role in the lives of people  in the Middle East. It not only controls and dominates them, but it also shapes and guides their everyday lives.  In such societies, interfaith marriages, which are discouraged for some and banned for others is becoming an issue of growing sensitivity. It is a symbol of both gender and religious inequality in a society that is living in a hypocritical harmony, while in reality it is enveloped by a cloud of sectarian tension.   In Egypt, an interfaith relationship, when discovered, … Continue reading Interfaith Is Not For The Faithful

How it all started

By: Alexandra Kinias Photograph by: Lalla Essaydi When I started my blog three months ago, I had no intention to write about women’s issues beyond the Egyptian borders. And for that I had three reasons. First, since I was born, raised and spent a great amount of my life in Egypt, I am well aware of what I would be writing about.  Everything would be first hand experience to me, either through my own eyes or through the eyes of women I knew. Second, in the blog I was going to address  women’s issues that I would tackle in my … Continue reading How it all started