Forbidden Love

By: Alexandra Kinias When Lena came to life she became a household name. She was not the first child to be born out of wedlock, but her mother, Hind Hinnawy was the first woman who publicly sued a man to prove his paternity. She stood up for her unborn child’s right to live, in one of the most controversial cases the Egyptian courts dealt with. Costume designer, Hind Hinnawy, met actor Ahmed Fishawy on the set of a movie. They fell in love, draft and signed an urfi marriage document. And as always problems unfolded when Hind announced her pregnancy. … Continue reading Forbidden Love

Why sexual harassment?

By: Alexandra Kinias October 21, 2008 was a victorious day not only for 27 years old filmmaker Noha Ostaz , but for all Egyptian women. For the first time in the history of the country’s judiciary system, the man who had sexually harassed Noha a year earlier, as she walked down a street, was sentenced to three years in prison with hard labor; a verdict that came as a surprise even to the lawyers. Sexual harassment has become an epidemic that is spreading like terminal cancer into the society. An earlier incident of a notorious mass sexual harassment that rocked … Continue reading Why sexual harassment?

Women Rights Movement No more

By: Alexandra Kinias I watched the movie Iron Jawed Angels. As an immigrant who had not grown up into  American culture,  I always admired how women of this great nation were enjoying their rights. However, this movie was an eye opening to the events of what really happened.  There was no shred of doubt in my mind that women did in fact demand their rights to everything they are enjoying today.  But I never imagined that these rights were achieved after a fierce and long battle. I wasn’t aware of the struggles that women had to go through to get … Continue reading Women Rights Movement No more