The Egyptian Inquisition

— By: Alexandra Kinias — The hopes of 24 years old school teacher Demiana Abdel-Nour to return home from self-exile were postponed indefinitely, on June 16, 2014, when the Egyptian appeals court upheld a blasphemy conviction against her and sentenced her to six months in prison, in addition to the earlier ruling that only imposed a fine of LE 100,000. Among the many challenges taking place in Egypt, the developments in Abdel-Nour’s case were sidelined by most Egyptian media. The young teachers’ nightmare started in May 2013, when parents of three of her pupils, accused her of insulting Islam and … Continue reading The Egyptian Inquisition

Why there will be no Third revolution in Egypt?

— By Said Sadek —– History is full of more unsuccessful uprisings and revolutions than successful ones. Inability to read the balance of powers, social-political and global situation always leads to failure: Here are the reasons why the planned uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood on the 3rd of July is going to be another failure. 1. The Brotherhood had failed during one year to mount any big demonstration or even a million to join any demo. 2. Reading the explosions in Itihadya as a sign that the Interior Ministry and Defense Establishment in Egypt are weak and conclude that the historical … Continue reading Why there will be no Third revolution in Egypt?