Hisham El Kheshen tells the story of the life and death of Adam Al Masry – Book Review

— By: Alexandra Kinias In the 2000s, the suicide of two Egyptian citizens in London shocked both the Egyptian community in the British capital and those living thousands of miles away back home. The most traumatic was the suicide of Soad Hosny, the diva,  beloved by millions all over the Middle East. The second was of Ashraf Marawan, the prompt businessman and son-in-law of the late president Nasser of Egypt. While Scotland Yard investigations ruled both cases as suicides, a lot of conspiracy theories were weaved by Egyptians that the deceased were both murdered. Speculations over the reasons of these … Continue reading Hisham El Kheshen tells the story of the life and death of Adam Al Masry – Book Review

A New Dawn Rises Over Egypt

— By: Alexandra Kinias — I wonder why the decision by General Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the Egyptian Minister of Defense, to run for president came as a surprise to some. The reaction by those who are against his decision to run gives the impression that they were not anticipating it, in spite that he had indirectly mentioned it himself in one of his speeches. Their despair, criticism, skepticism and sarcasm made it sound that the political arena was filled with knights in silver armor, super heroes and action figures and that Sisi snatched it from them. Excuse me, but … Continue reading A New Dawn Rises Over Egypt

The Illusion of the International Women’s Day

  — By: Alexandra Kinias — The hype over the International Women’s Day [IWD] has subsided and men are free again to abuse and mistreat women for the next 364 days. I don’t mean to be satirical over this international event nor is my intention to undermine the global efforts to improve women’s conditions and status worldwide. Yet, I have mixed feelings regarding the dedication of certain days to celebrate one cause or another. And IWD is not exempt; not that I disregard the attention that celebrating this day brings to many women’s causes. Such celebrations remind me of a … Continue reading The Illusion of the International Women’s Day

How to improve your relation?

— By: Alexandra Kinias —- A strong healthy relationship is every woman’s dream and its succes becomes a source of joy in her life. A relationship that is not working can emotionally drain those involved in it. Relations are like investments. We get out of them what we put in them. And as there are some aspects of the relationships we can’t control, yet we have the power to make certain decisions and choices. How to achieve a healthier relationship 1. Don’t Rush the Relationship: The acceleration in planning the future of a relationship scares men away. Your man lived … Continue reading How to improve your relation?

Estrogen vs Testosterone –

— By: Alexandra Kinias — Disney’s fairy tales made us believe that Princes fall in love with lumberjacks’ daughters they meet in the forests, because they are bored with all the beautiful princesses living in all the castles in all the corners of the animated movies. And after the Prince asks the lumberjack for his daughter’s hand in marriage, they ride together into the sunset. The birds chirp on the trees and the royal couple lives happily ever after. The movie ends with a song that leaves us with misty eyes and a happy heart filled with hope that our … Continue reading Estrogen vs Testosterone –