At Night, They Dance

At Night, They Dance (Documentary, Canada) Directors: Isabelle Lavigne, Stephane Thibault Sales: Autlook Filmsales, Vienna Production: Les Films du Tricycle Producer: Lucie Lambert, Director of photography: Stephane Thibault Music: Benoit Charest Editor: Rene Roberge No rating: 80 minutes By Alexandra Kinias — At Night, They Dance, exposes a slice of the Egyptian society that lives and works in its shadows. The title successfully depicts the essence of the documentary. The belly dancing dynasty, which the documentary brings its story to life, revolves around the profession that its members performed at night. Reda, the 42 years old matriarch mother of seven … Continue reading At Night, They Dance

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy Egypt’s Naked Blogger Joins Femen Protest against Mursi Constitution

By GIANLUCA MEZZOFIORE for International Business Times Egypt’s famous naked blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy has staged a nude demonstration along with members of the Femen radical feminist group against the planned Egyptian constitution. Elmahdy, who last year caused a controversy across the Arab world for posting nude pictures of herself online, posed naked with “Sharia is not a constitution” painted on her body along with other two Femen activists. The protest was held outside the Egyptian embassy in Stockholm. The blogger, 21, branded an Egyptian flag while her Ukrainian allies held banners stating “No religion” and “Religion is slavery”. Egypt has been … Continue reading Aliaa Magda Elmahdy Egypt’s Naked Blogger Joins Femen Protest against Mursi Constitution

Girl Beheaded

By: Alexandra Kinias The astounding news of the beheading of 14 years old Gastina came as a wake-up call to those who believed that the women’s situation in Afghanistan was improving. Despite the progress that has been made over the past decade in terms of girls’ and women’s schooling and increased protections and family rights for women, Afghanistan is still ranked as the world’s most hostile country for women. According to amnesty international, the aggression and atrocities against women are on the rise, not that it had ever declined. And while women are still struggling for their basic needs and … Continue reading Girl Beheaded

Beyond Labels…..

Written By Noha Hassan, Egyptian Canadian Political Activist and Women’s Rights Advocate What’s your label? Are you single, married, divorced or widowed? Are you childless, overweight, ugly, beautiful, tall or short? Are you easy to get, open- minded, conservative, veiled, unveiled, wealthy or poor? Throughout our lives, we as women are labelled, pigeon-holed and corralled. Why does it happen and what should we do about it? This constant classification of women is a means of controlling our lives, limiting our potential and banishing us to secondary roles. It may not be pre-meditated, but the casual manner in which society labels women … Continue reading Beyond Labels…..