Feminism according to Azza

By: Alexandra Kinias Parliamentarian Azza al-Garf is among nine other women elected (out of 498 deputies) in the first parliamentary elections after the ousting of Mubarak’s regime. It is worth noting that her party, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood‘s political arm that won by mudslide, neither played any role in the revolution nor supported it. With the dominance of the Islamists in the Egyptian parliament the civility of the country and the rights of its women and minorities are at peril. In the few interviews after she became a public figure, it became obvious that with her … Continue reading Feminism according to Azza

Is anyone listening to ‘These Girls’?

In the streets of Cairo, stray dogs often compete with the hungry homeless for scraps of food salvaged from the garbage, or for a spot to spend the night, let it be under a parked car, a construction site or a sidewalk. The phenomenon is not unique to the mega city, where many of its 18 million inhabitants live in expensive homes and mansions. However, what makes the picture gloomier in Cairo than elsewhere, is that a high percentage of its homeless are children under the age of ten. What is more tragic, though, than this heart breaking condition is … Continue reading Is anyone listening to ‘These Girls’?