War On Girls

More than one hundred girls in Takhar Province in Afghanistan fell ill after drinking contaminated water in school. Officials accused Islamic militants, who are opposing the education of girls, to have poisoned the water. The officials didn’t name any radical Islamic groups in fear of retaliation. It is wildly known that under the Taliban, women were not allowed an education. But with the fall of the theocratic regime, schools for girls were re-opened, yet, teachers and students alike are risking their lives by going to school. Poisoning the water tanks of the school is not the first attack on girls … Continue reading War On Girls

Recycling the Iranian Revolution

The proliferation of Islamists to power over the last year has left moderate Egyptians and especially women worried and angry. After three decades under the Mubarak regime, the country is suffering from a decaying infra-structure, a failed education and non-existing health care system, and more than 50% of her citizens are living under the poverty line. A year after the revolution, the dysfunctional government has reached a state of paralysis, dragging the country to a verge of an economic crisis. But with the rise of Islamists to power, nothing seems more essential at this crucial time in the history of … Continue reading Recycling the Iranian Revolution