Inequality Is Just A Stamp On Paper

By: Alexandra Kinias – The posters on the walls of 36- year- old Noha Montasser’s office are of women’s athletes and body builders. More posters are hanging on the wall of the gym which she had built exclusively for women in a Cairo neighborhood. She pointed at the colorful image of a young woman in ski gear standing in the snow. “This is Elham Al Qassimi from the United Arab Emirates, the first Arab woman to reach the North Pole.” The music was blaring from inside the fitness room. Noha’s clients were lifting weights. It had taken her months to … Continue reading Inequality Is Just A Stamp On Paper

Chain Reaction

Mentally Ill Sisters Freed From Chains In West Bank – CNN By: Alexandra Kinias Whenever I think that I have seen it all, headlines remind me that the cruelty against women is limitless. Victims of their gender, mentally impaired sisters Mohedeye and Nedaa Dawabsha had been confined to a room in their family home in the West Bank Palestinian village of Duma. Both girls suffer from severe mental illness. To contain them, their family tied them with metal chains wrapped around their waist and connected to a metal locker in the corner of the room, with only a meter and … Continue reading Chain Reaction