Dishonor Killings

By Alexandra Kinias The shameful killing of women that became widely known as honor killing is nothing but a heinous crime committed to restore an illusion so fathers and husbands of victims could walk down the streets that they have paved with the blood of their innocent daughters and wives with their heads high.  Killing in the name of honor, is a crime that is usually committed by one or more member of the same family when it is thought that the victim’s behavior is bringing shame or dishonor upon the family.  Justifications for such cruel and inhuman crimes have no … Continue reading Dishonor Killings

Two-Thirds of Moroccan Women Face Violence

Photograph and original article are courtesy of Al Arabiya News Channel — Click on link to view original article. RABAT (AFP) Nearly 63 percent of Moroccan women have been victims of violence recently and about a quarter of them have been sexually assaulted at least once in their lives, a government study said Monday. Out of nine million women aged 18 to 64 years old, nearly six million were subjected to violent acts during the twelve months that preceded the study conducted between June 2009 and January 2010, the paper said. According to the government survey of 8,300 women, “the most … Continue reading Two-Thirds of Moroccan Women Face Violence

Egypt’s Uprising Terror

Demonstration against terrorism by both Christian Copts and Muslims  denouncing the bombing of the church. By: Alexandra Kinias Twenty minutes into the New Year and in one of the worst terrorist attacks on the Coptic Christian minorities in Egypt, a suicide bomber detonated himself in front of the church of al-Qiddissine – Two Saints in Alexandria, as worshipers were exiting after the midnight mass. The bomb that killed 23 and injured 97 also hammered another nail in the coffin of the country’s once tightly woven national fabric and raised more concern over the fragile status of the Copts. Once owners of … Continue reading Egypt’s Uprising Terror