A Glimpse – Short Story

Short Story By: Alexandra Kinias The thermal blanket that covered the skies of Cairo  trapped the smog in the atmosphere and caused the temperature to soar. The woman who stood by the bus door was covered from head to toe in a black burqa and black gloves, with only a slit for her eyes to see through. She was suffocated by the body heat of the sweaty passengers who crammed inside the bus like a can of sardines.  The sticky sweat rolled under her armpits and between her thighs and intensified her feeling of heat. The bus maneuvered through the … Continue reading A Glimpse – Short Story

Tal al-Mallohi: Another Voice Silenced

By: Alexandra Kinias Freedom of speech is a birth right often taken for granted by those who are privileged to be born under clear skies. And while others living with rain clouds above their heads are still taking their first cautious steps toward it, freedom of speech is still considered a hazardous practice to the lives of many millions around the world who are struggling to find their way in the dark. Tal Al Mallohi’s misfortune was that geographically she was born on the dark side of the world where regimes tend to dictate to the people the code of … Continue reading Tal al-Mallohi: Another Voice Silenced

The Priest’s Wife — The Sequel

By: Alexandra Kinias Caption: Camillia Shehata The relief over the return of Camillia Shehata back to her family was short lived and the media circus which her disappearance had created is back in full thrust. Camillia had vanished from her home on July 19, 2010 and returned back a week later by security forces after the speculations over her abduction and forced conversion to Islam almost ripped the country apart. The intervention of security forces was to curb another episode that might have flamed  sectarian violence as a result of  demonstrations  that erupted by her fellow Copts in several churches … Continue reading The Priest’s Wife — The Sequel