Not Eating Shrimps Is A Pro-Choice Too.

By: Alexandra Kinias I hate everything about seafood: its texture, smell, and taste. The idea of swallowing any creature, raw or cooked that had once lived under the surface of water is creepy. I live in nightmarish dreams that one day I would wake up to find that the government had passed a law that forces people to eat seafood twice a week,  without consideration for people like myself. If you think I am paranoid to believe that, then explain to me the reason that qualifies food to be  a personal choice, but not abortion. The Pro-choice battle is not … Continue reading Not Eating Shrimps Is A Pro-Choice Too.

Women of Ancient Egypt

By: Alexandra Kinias For thousands of years, the warm golden rays of the sun shined over the glorious Egyptian civilization that flourished on the banks of the river Nile. The Egyptians excelled in medicine, astronomy, architecture, agriculture and sciences, but what made their civilization phenomenal was that women were respected and cherished. Ancient Egyptian women enjoyed more rights and better status than their peers in the neighboring lands, and as insane as it sounds, they enjoyed more rights than their contemporary daughters. Indeed the society had its flows, but there was never gender discrimination, but rather a social class one. … Continue reading Women of Ancient Egypt

Wings May be the Solution.

By: Alexandra Kinias Jane Doe is a very powerful Egyptian businesswoman who came from a world of wealth and privilege.  Not only was she married to Egyptian parliament member and tycoon John Doe,  the Harvard graduate also manages a multi-billion dollar financial empire she inherited from her late father. Her outstanding performance and success landed her an elite spot on Forbes list of the most rich and powerful women in the Middle East. Now imagine this; a limousine pulls up in front of the VIP entrance of Cairo Airport. The Egyptian Jane Doe steps out with her briefcase. Her private … Continue reading Wings May be the Solution.

Day of Judgment

By: Alexandra Kinias Another black day befell upon the women in Egypt; just few days after the country received a recommendation from the United Nations Human Right Council in Geneva to end discrimination against women. The painful smack to their dignity was received on Feb 15, 2010, when members of the State Council, the highest legal body in the country, voted with an overwhelming majority (334 out of 380 judges) against the appointment of women judges to the council. The barring to hire women was not only a classic case of gender based discrimination, but it was also unconstitutional. Since … Continue reading Day of Judgment