Women have equal rights, seriously?

By: Alexandra Kinias Mona, a very sweet teenage girl, had many dreams for the future. Growing up as the only daughter of businessman Ali Omar and his elegant wife Nadira, Mona enjoyed a perfect life by all means; attended a private school, met her friends in the club, drove her own car, and enjoyed the love of her parents. It was lonely sometimes being an only child, but she found good company with her little puppy that she adored. Not in her wildest dreams had she imagined that this beautiful life would be shattered to pieces when her beloved father … Continue reading Women have equal rights, seriously?

Man vs. Sunblock

By: Alexandra Kinias With so much emphasis on marriage, growing up as a girl in Egypt can be very stressful. As the quote ‘Living in a man’s shadow is better than living in a wall’s shadow’ is drilled into their minds from an early age, girls grow up with the understanding that their ultimate goal is to get married, raise kids and have a family. And sadly enough most girls are bred to become eventually incubators and have more kids to sustain the population growth – I fail to see it any other way. In a society where their role … Continue reading Man vs. Sunblock

Price of Honor

By: Alexandra Kinias “Women’s purity is like a matchstick that flames but once.” This quote that was first introduced in a 1940s Egyptian movie became very famous for generations to come. It is still widely used today; maybe just as a joke, but none-the-less it describes a disturbing social state of mind.   In Egypt and other countries, women’s virtue is still judged by the existence of their hymen on their wedding night.  The most disgusting scene I remember from another Egyptian Black and White movie was set in a village. On the wedding night of the two main characters, … Continue reading Price of Honor