This is Why I am Charlie …..

— By: Alexandra Kinias — I stand in solidarity with the victims of Charlie Hebdo and the officer who lost his life defending them, not particularly because I agree with the contents of the magazine, but because I stand for the freedom of expression. I never read the magazine and I haven’t seen its cartoons prior or post the heinous massacre that took the life of its staff. The terrorists shouted Islamic slogans as they shot their victims in cold blood, and witnesses heard them saying that they have avenged for the Prophet who was the subject of the magazine’s … Continue reading This is Why I am Charlie …..

Black Tulips from Screenplay to Novel

 While I was organizing my computer files, I came across this article that I had written in 2011 for the Arizona Authors Association and where I had talked about the adjustments I had made in  my writing career. Black Tulips from  Screenplay to Novel (original article) “The decision to adapt one of my screenplays to a novel was as unpredictable as the characters I create. Novels are usually adapted to screenplays not the other way around. I had already gone through a mid-course adjustment when I dumped my engineering career and picked up screenplay writing. The culmination of the classes … Continue reading Black Tulips from Screenplay to Novel

Why the Iranian scenario failed in Egypt? Part One

Alexandra Kinias — The year 1979 was a turning point in the world events. In the same year that Margaret Thatcher became new prime minister of Great Britain and Mother Theresa won the Nobel Peace Prize, other events occurred that sowed the seeds of the insanity that the world is witnessing today. Few days after the year started, the Shah left Iran and the revolutionary forces under Khomeini took over in February. In November of that year, the Iranian militants seized the US embassy in Tehran and took hostages. The crescendo that ended the year was the Soviet invasion of … Continue reading Why the Iranian scenario failed in Egypt? Part One

Qasim Amin and the Emancipation of Women

By: Alexandra Kinias —- It is shameful that more than a century after the Egyptian lawyer Qasim Amin (1863 – 1908) published his controversial books, The Liberation of Women and The New Woman that called for the emancipation of women; Egypt is witnessing a social and cultural relapse as the disturbing voices of radical Islamists are defying women’s freedoms and rights. The emancipation of Egyptian women began in the nineteenth century under the rule of Mohamed Ali (1766- 1849), when the first school to train women to be medical assistants was opened in 1832.  Forty years later, in 1873, the … Continue reading Qasim Amin and the Emancipation of Women

Egyptian Salafi preacher sentenced to jail for slandering an actress

By: Alexandra Kinias —- After his appeal was rejected earlier this week, Egyptian police arrested the hard line preacher and television anchor Abdullah Badr on the charges of slandering an actress. He was arrested after he refused to turn himself in, and will be serving one year in jail. Badr’s story dates back to 2012 when on his show, aired on Al-Hafiz TV, an ultra-conservative Salafi television, he referred to the famous Egyptian actress Elham Chahine as an infidel and a prostitute. He called her “promiscuous, naked and lascivious,” and condemned her movies as a source to women’s immorality and … Continue reading Egyptian Salafi preacher sentenced to jail for slandering an actress

Download Black Tulips for Free

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I invite you to download the Kindle version of Black Tulips for free on any of the five days: March 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 at Black Tulips Kindle Edition. [ available for Kindle and ipad] Black Tulips is the story of four Egyptian women who although they come from very diverse social and economic backgrounds, they face a common adversary–a male dominant society. Sherine Radwan, the first appointed prime minister in Egypt, faces challenges not only from a corrupt cabinet but from her husband as well. Rashida Algammal, Sherine’s housekeeper and confidant, abandoned … Continue reading Download Black Tulips for Free

Beyond Labels…..

Written By Noha Hassan, Egyptian Canadian Political Activist and Women’s Rights Advocate What’s your label? Are you single, married, divorced or widowed? Are you childless, overweight, ugly, beautiful, tall or short? Are you easy to get, open- minded, conservative, veiled, unveiled, wealthy or poor? Throughout our lives, we as women are labelled, pigeon-holed and corralled. Why does it happen and what should we do about it? This constant classification of women is a means of controlling our lives, limiting our potential and banishing us to secondary roles. It may not be pre-meditated, but the casual manner in which society labels women … Continue reading Beyond Labels…..