It is my Body and it seems to be Everybody’s Business: Sex in the Name of Jihad

A number of Tunisian girls who had travelled to Syria for "sexual jihad" have returned home pregnant, the government says. (Photo from
A number of Tunisian girls who had traveled to Syria for “sexual jihad” have returned home pregnant, the government says. (Photo from

— By: Alexandra Kinias —

Over millennia, men have written the laws that controlled women lives, minds and bodies. Some of the rules that organized the daily lives of tribal communities were carried on from medieval times to modern times after been splashed with religious paint, whether written or interpreted from holy scripts by misogynist scholars. These laws condensed women’s roles to becoming sacred ornaments kept in a safe confinement or adorned a pedestal or a mantelpiece while waiting for the sacred blood of their virginity to be sacrificed on the matrimonial alter. Only death would restore a family’s honor, if that virginity was ever lost.

It seems that the level of testosterone escalates with the rate of ridicule women are subjected to as a reaction to these laws that affirm their submission and obedience. This submission is directly proportional to the amount of pleasure they give while being denied same, as a result of the FGM practice. Also let’s not forget the backbreaking lashing, which an adulterous woman may be punished by, that is more cruel and humiliating than the taming of a wild beast. And if adultery is committed by a married woman, her punishment is death by stoning in one of the most inhuman atrocities that could be committed against a living creature.

When one thinks that after what women have been and still are going through, there are no more possibilities for their exploitation, the horrific news that circulated months ago about the Tunisian women who had traveled to Syria, following a religious declaration [fatwa] to offer their bodies to the Mujahedeen, for what was shockingly labeled as Sexual Jihad, and was denied by many sources at the time. These news are now being confirmed when the girls returned back pregnant–out of wedlock, obviously–by those Holy Fighters.

Indeed the same religious scholars, who are preaching to cover up women from head to toe, to guard their virtue and chastity, and deafening the world with fatwas written thousands of years ago that control women’s being, are the same ones who found “convenient” scriptures urging women to offer sexual favors out of wedlock to the rebels in Syria.

So, it seems that Al Qaeda extremist rebels who are fighting the holy Jihad in Syria are not just interested in their seventy two virgins’ trophy they will receive upon martyrdom, but also they want to be entertained while still alive, in between the violence and atrocities they commit. And it didn’t take their religious scholars much time or effort to legalize prostitution with a promised reward, to the women, in the afterlife for sacrificing their dignity and chastity to relief the sexual desires of the Jihadists.

In April 2013, and after this religious fatwa by Sheikh Mohamed Al Arifi, the Saudi Scholar, went viral online, many Tunisian girls responded to this call, some as young as 14 years old. They left to Syria against their families’ will to participate in Sexual Jihad. Let us not forget that to justify their fatwas, the message from these scholars emphasized that “necessity makes permissible the prohibited.” And for the rebels in Syria, the Jihad against Assad’s regime falls under this category, and thus the sin of prostitution is no longer so, but it becomes a permissible practice that serves their cause.

Sheikh Al Arifi few months earlier had also issued another fatwa that allows the Mujahideen to rape the non- Muslim and non-Sunni women they capture in Syria, as they are considered spoils of war, similar to slaves or concubines bought from slave markets. So, the sexual desire becomes the driving force for many, as the obsession with women’s bodies doesn’t end with the end of men’s lives, but continues, as martyrdom is a guarantee to spend their afterlife seduced by the seventy two heavenly trophies.

After the story of the Sexual Jihad broke, and denied in April 2013, media reports now say that these girls have returned back to Tunisia after performing sex with 20, 30 or even 100 different partners, as reported by the Tunisian government that declined to give the exact number of the girls that had left to Syria. Some internal reports suggest that their number may be in the hundreds. Some of these girls have returned back pregnant with the children of these Mujahedeen.

In an interview to the Tunisian “Al Chourouck” newspaper, Lamia Khodder, 19 years old Sex Jihadist, recalls her horrific experience. Khodder says that she felt insulted when she heard a hard core right-wing sheikh, on a conservative channel, making fun of the Islam that Tunisians embrace, and the superficial practice of their religion and how women are dressed and behave. To learn more about her religion, Khodder frequented a mosque, controlled by the extreme Islamists, only to fall into the hands of another Sheikh who introduced her to the term of  Sexual Jihad and brainwashed her into believing that her redemption would be by offering her sexual services to the Mujahedeen, in the name of God.

As war escalated in Syria, Khodder together with other girls traveled against her family’s will to the war zone. In Syria they were taken to an abandoned hospital that was converted into a Mujahedeen Pleasure Camp, as she labeled it. Within the walls of this camp, she was raped and sexually assaulted by multiple men from various nationalities, over the duration of her stay. She was forced to handover her body to whoever was in need to satisfy his sexual desire. Inside the walls of the Pleasure Camp she met many other Tunisian girls who were abducted and forced to become sex slaves to these men. The girls lived in fear for their lives after some girls were executed when they tried to run away.

Al Chourouk newspaper doesn’t explain how Khodder and the other girls were finally able to return home. On their way back, they were stopped on the border crossing as they were getting into the country from the Libyan side. Khodder, who had been reported missing by her family was arrested and questioned. While in police custody, she went through some tests that confirmed that she was five months pregnant and infected with AIDS. She was handed over to her family who are keeping her in confinement while wishing for her death before the child is born.

Will Khodder’s life end in an honor killing incident that would be blamed on AIDS? Or a miracle would save her from a tragic fate and leave her to face another painful one that would eventually reap her young life? Only time will answer these questions …..

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3 thoughts on “It is my Body and it seems to be Everybody’s Business: Sex in the Name of Jihad

  1. Wow, that is some powerful stuff and I hadn’t even heard about half of it. Definitely something to think about, although I don’t personally see how we can bring an end to this suffering…

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