Prayer leader; pedophile and murderer

Basmala raped and killed by the Imam of the neighborhood mosque.
Basmala raped and killed by the Imam of her neighborhood mosque.

By: Alexandra Kinias —

While Egypt was celebrating Sham El Nassim, the national day the follows Easter Sunday, the family of Basmala was mourning their daughter’s death. The 8-years old had gone missing a couple of days earlier. She had gone to buy laundry detergent for her mother, but never came back. After an extensive search by the police and the neighbors, her body was found in a garbage dump close to where she lived. Even though a similar incident took place a couple of years earlier when another young girl went missing, no one had imagined that a pedophile lives in the neighborhood.

Sheikh Mustafa, the 62 years old pious restaurant owner who often leads the people in prayers didn’t spare time or effort to assist the police in their search. And when the body was found he attended the funeral. Surveillance of the garbage dump where the girl’s body was found led investigators to the murderer. Within few days after her body was found, they arrested a man who was disposing a bag that contained the girl’s clothes. To everyone’s surprise the murderer was no one else but the pious Sheikh. Police raided his restaurant and found the box of laundry detergent that the mother had sent the girl out to buy.

Sheikh Mustafa after his arrest
Sheikh Mustafa after his arrest

As the police interrogated Sheikh Mustafa, he confessed to the crime. In his confessions he said that he lured the girl to his restaurant, raped her, strangled her with her pants and stole her gold earrings. He left the body in his restaurant all night. At dawn he went to the mosque, led the morning prayers, returned back to the restaurant, loaded her body in a burlap sack and dumped it in the garbage.

Repeat: The convict confessed that he raped the girl, strangled her with her pants, stole her earrings, went out to pray and returned back to dispose her body!!!!

Reference: Al Youm 7 Newspaper

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