Prominent Saudi preacher tortures five-year-old daughter to death

By Al Arabia

Lamaa breathed her last in an intensive care unit of a hospital in the Saudi capital Riyadh a few days ago after weeks of suffering from broken arms, skull fracture and head bruises, her mother told Al Arabiya. (Al Arabiya)

A five-year old Saudi girl has died after she was tortured by her father, described as a “prominent” religious scholar who often preaches on numerous satellite television channels.

Lamaa breathed her last breath in an intensive care unit of a hospital in the Saudi capital Riyadh a few days ago, after weeks of suffering from broken arms, a skull fracture and head bruises, her mother told Al Arabiya.

“He used all sorts of torture and abuse against Lamaa,” the girl’s mother said, now divorced from her brutal husband.

The mother explained that after she was divorced she had an “agreement” with her former husband regarding the daughter they shared.

Recently, he took his daughter for two weeks as per “the agreement” but he never returned her back, the mother said, adding that she was “surprised” to receive a call from the public prosecutor in Hotat Bani Tamim, located 160 km south of Riyadh, asking her to go to Shamisi Hospital.

The medical report indicated that Lamaa was tortured with whips and electric shocks. She was even burned with an iron, the mother said.

The hospital matron said the man admitted to beating his daughter, but did not explain why.

“I was shocked and could not believe what happened to Lamaa when I saw her. I could not believe that is no mercy in people’s hearts,” Lamaa’s mother said.

When she asked her former husband at the hospital why he tortured Lamaa, he replied with a “chuckle only.”

The mother and the hospital refused to provide the name of the man and only described him as a “well known” television preacher.

15 thoughts on “Prominent Saudi preacher tortures five-year-old daughter to death

  1. Again we see the madness and morbid fanatism of such so called ” religious elements “. Its not possible to imagine that this is happening in our century ! What I ask myself what relion permits such atrocities ? Where does it start and where does it end ? What is sure is that God does not tell us to torture or use religion to act in a criminal way. I hope that this man will get the same treatment than what he did with his little daughter….

      1. Now, it is not true. In christian countries it is not acceptable to kill your wife and daughter, and women have not less rights then men. If in your culture killing a girl/woman or your child it is not punished as serously as if it was done to an adult man, there is some very serious problem with your religion.

  2. It would give us all great pleasure to boil this piece camel crap in hot excrement for all eternity… no just give me two minutes and a baseball bat. These Saudis are dogs…

  3. This story it’s not complete. The name of the monster is Fayhan Al-Ghamdi,he is a famous islamic preacher who was very often invited on tv on islamic topics.He said he killed his 5 year old daughter(Lama Al-Ghamdi)becouse he questioned the child virginity! So he tortured her to dead ! The nurses said the child has been brutally been raped “everywhere’,her rectum was torn open and the beast he tried to close it with an hot iron! She had multiple injuries,broken back,an broken arm,her skull crashed and bruises all over 😦 And guess what?For all this atrocyties the monster he just spend a very short time in jail and pay some money to the mother of the girl and that’s it !!! The judges justified that as per sharia low a father cannot be punished more than that for killing his child as a husbund it’s not punishable for killing his wife !!! Oh God,what more there is to say?I’m outraged and spechless :((( This is the complete story,it’s all over the media right now.

  4. It has nothing to do with islam, I think he needs to be hanged , and it’s false to say that shari3a gives him the right to kill his wife or hids child, Islam has freed these people in middle age from these bad habits where they killed and burried their daughters alive , so leave islam alone and concentrate on the abnormal human being behind this monster whoever is his nationnality he couldn’t be forgiven in a country where we cut the hand of a thief I’m outrageous and not convinced of the whole story.

  5. I am a Muslim and a father of 3 mashallah daughter; it hurts to read this to see someone who is a father could do this to his 5 year old girl. I pray to Allah that his soul never rest and for ever burns in hell. The Saudi law is a joke where he gets to walk he should be publicly tortured the way he did to his daughter this is justice in my eye this is Islamic law an eye for an eye law.

  6. “The revenger of blood himself shall slay the murderer; whe he meeteth, he shall slay him” Nm35,19 He soon will feel the wrath of God

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