Black Tulips: A Novel By Alexandra Kinias

Tulips is the story of four Egyptian women who although they come from very diverse social and economic  backgrounds,  they  face a  common adversary–a  male  dominant society.  Sherine Radwan,  the  first appointed prime  minister  in  Egypt,  faces  challenges  not  only  from  a  corrupt cabinet  but  from  her husband  as  well.  Rashida  Algammal,  Sherine’s  housekeeper  and  confidant, abandoned by her husband  has  found  emotional  solace in  her secret  love for  Sherine’s   husband  Adam.  Sherine’s  daughter  Nadine  and  Rashida’s  niece   Layal   become  two  more victims  of  a  patriarchal  culture  and  are united by destiny in a different but welcoming land.

The lives of the four women unfold in a backdrop of a political thriller that takes  the  reader  from  the  Nile  and  the  deserts of  Egypt to  the treacherous snow  capped mountains of Afghanistan,  the terrorist training camps of Pakistan, and the  American capital. Corruption, deceit,  devotion, love and revenge drive the  characters  of  this  novel to  a  memorable   journey  of  survival  and liberation.  Culturally  informative,  trendsetting,  provocative,  and  taboo  shattering,  this  story is an ode to human and, especially, women’s equality.

Available for purchase on:           and               Create Space e-store


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